Friday, January 21, 2011

sweethearts girl on bike

In my tribe we call our relatives on our mother's side differently than our fathers side. For example my mother's brothers and sisters would be my father and mother too. cousins would be sister's and brothers and ect. you get the point. this is done because the daughter when married would live close to the mother. Her children would literally grow up with their cousins. So what do you call your sister's daughter? Your niece right? Well in my tribes way it is the same my cousin's daughter would be my cousin niece. I probably confused you. Just know she had a birthday. She's not a frilly girl so I didn't make this one pink like I did the other one.
Card base: 4 1/4x 5 1/2 (portrait)
layer 1: 1/4 in down
ribbon: michaels
girl on bike: sweethearts w: 3.51 h: 3.50 (gypsy measurments)

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