Friday, January 21, 2011

baby boy album

Wow 4 posts in a row! I must be on a roll! I have been trying really hard to complete my son's baby album before his little sister is born. I have 4 more pages to go! yay! It's a mini album with protector pages. Very simple! I just make a mat the size that it will fit, a cropped picture, embellishment, and a saying. You would think I would have been done with it by now if it is so simple.
Mat: 5x7
peek a boo! : b is for boy(2.25)
pooh: pooh and friends(3 in?)

Mat: 5x7
zebra: b is for boy (w:2.45 h:2.32)
baby boy: b is for boy (1 in)

sweethearts girl on bike

In my tribe we call our relatives on our mother's side differently than our fathers side. For example my mother's brothers and sisters would be my father and mother too. cousins would be sister's and brothers and ect. you get the point. this is done because the daughter when married would live close to the mother. Her children would literally grow up with their cousins. So what do you call your sister's daughter? Your niece right? Well in my tribes way it is the same my cousin's daughter would be my cousin niece. I probably confused you. Just know she had a birthday. She's not a frilly girl so I didn't make this one pink like I did the other one.
Card base: 4 1/4x 5 1/2 (portrait)
layer 1: 1/4 in down
ribbon: michaels
girl on bike: sweethearts w: 3.51 h: 3.50 (gypsy measurments)

late new years resolution

So being a 3/4 time online college student, pregnant, going to deliver a baby at the end of Feb (hopefully, she's been wanting to come earlier), and a full time mom, when do I have time to craft? Well that is my new years revolution. make a least 2 cards a week. It's going to be tough but I think I can do it. I find my self making cards at the 11th hour for a birthday, holiday, ect. My husband has been wanting me to make cards a head of time so that I will have an option of cards when the time is short. Which isn't a bad idea. So that's what I'm going to do. Sunday's are usually my card making day. I hope I can still do that when the baby is born. My sister-in-law recently got married and she asked me if I would make the guest book. She wanted a 12x12 layout with room enough to sign or do what ever she wants. Again I for got to take pictures. But that recently took up my time and I've been crocheting baby booties and a sweater for my baby to be. I did however take a picture of her card that I made her. I wanted it to be small and I actually figured out how to make it fit in a reg. business envelope. not the long ones the short letter ones. ( I don't know what they are called) I also found another picture of a project that I forgot to put up a while ago.

tigger-Pooh and Friends
Tags-Tags Bags Boxes and more
little doodles-ek success punch
missing space is for little girl when she is born.

Card base-3 1/2x 5 1/2
White layer- 3x5
sky, grass layer-2 3/4x4 3/4
Red strips were scraps
tandum bike-sweethearts
cut at w: 4in h: 2.13in
(it's a weird measurement because I cut it out on my gypsy that I got for Christmas)

catch up

I was thumbing through my pictures and I found these long lost cards that I made before Christmas,(before I got incredibly busy). For some reason i'm having issues with this post. I've been trying for 1/2 hour and two of the pictures won't turn the right way when uploaded. So oh well.
Celebrate with flourish
My husband actually made this card. We were in a time crunch that day and we needed to get over to the birthday party for 3 Nov. birthdays and this card wasn't done yet. So he picked out what he wanted cut and I cut it for him and he did everything else.
Recipe: B is for Boy

Celebrate with flourish
paper: All boy stack, joanns card stock
slider card, one of many I did this Christmas but this one was the only one photographed.
Recipe: Celebrate with flourish

Monday, January 17, 2011

my pink stamper challenge

I've been so busy! finally things are slowing down. I made this for my pink stamper challenge and also for my niece's birthday. I was so happy that she held on to this card for a long time and admired it. She was especially happy to see that the girl riding the bike was her. That alone is worth it.