Thursday, October 20, 2011

tags...a new idea

I think the only time that I have done tags is last year to put on christmas gifts. Don't be shocked. I only got my cricut last september. I plan on doing tags again for Christmas but other than that, I have no idea what to do tags for. For this week image (only if you participated last week) from Designed2delight was a couple of tags. I thought that they were super cute. I was thinking I could use it as a book mark...So I made one. I looked at what all of you guys do with them and how to decorate them and I tried my best. I'm getting better at my coloring and put myself in this project. You can't critic art right? what do you think?

How I did it:
Designed2delight image
fussy cutting
eksuccess markers
crayola colored pencils
stapled ribbon to tag

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